Sunday, September 22, 2019

Vectren Corporation Audit Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Vectren Corporation Audit - Assignment Example Based on reported results, the dividend payout ratio and the return on average shareholders’ equity for 2013 were 86% and 8.9%, respectively. Under the Vectren At-Risk compensation plan, the company may prefer to acquire more shares on the open market during the fiscal periods when there are no limitations on the internal transactions to fulfill these obligations. The effective January 1, in the year 2015, the Compensation and Benefits Committee of the solemn Board of Directors issued approximately 169030 performance-based units to the management. Moreover, the Vectren Company is expecting to grant an absolute additional 172,069 performance awards measured at the time of the three-year performance period that will end as at December 31, the year 2014, which do not vest with the inadequate exceptions up to December 31, 2015. Unfortunately, these facts are not included in the table structured with the issues on the fiscal year. The footnote generally plays various fundamental roles in documents that will be analyzed further to acquire some information or rather to guide in a particular research. A footnote is always a tool that is used for referencing in documents (Pierce, Sarah, and Julie, 88). Some of the major purposes of the footnote include the following: Provision of additional information on an element or subject that has been mentioned in the main text or document but the elaboration of the element or subject is a little bit shallow in the main text. The footnote will, therefore, create a broad explanation on the subject in order to facilitate proper understanding thus accurate interpretation for anyone who will access the document. Footnotes also provide references used in the text or document in order to enable the readers to acquire more information from the journals or books quoted in the document in order to avoid cases of plagiarism.

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