Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Art History Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 9

Art History - Essay Example This particular link must affect the viewer. So, real art must have the capacity to unite people via communication. Art can also be the constant state of change and therefore, finding an exact meaning for the word â€Å"art† can be difficult. Art has a name; it has a shape, size, stroke, color and texture. And every piece of art is unique. In light of that piece of information, one can better grasp the concept of art and all of its beauty. Peter Paul Rubens was born in 1577 and was considered a seventeenth century baroque painter. His style of art emphasized movement, color and sensuality. This is clearly visible in all of his paintings but one painting in particular. Because Peter was well known for his counter-reformation altarpieces, landscapes and history paintings and mythological allegorical subjects, he was criticized. He was a classically educated humanist scholar art collector and diplomat who was knighted by both the king of Spain and the king of England. Peter did not just paint for any reason. Every painting has a certain frame, stroke, color and size which will lend to his reasoning behind the painting. His 1639 paining of he, his wife and son has a particular view and purpose. It is first and foremost an oil painting on wood. The dimensions are 80.25 high by 62.25 inches long. Rubens’ wife Helena became the model for ideal beauty or love. His paining switches the focus to Helena being the ideal mom of that time and away from him being the dominant half. The parrot symbolizes the Virgin Mary and in the background you can see Peter’s garden which he painted as a reminder of his courtship to his wife Helena. Rubens combines bold brushstrokes, luminous color and shimmering light of the Venetian school with the fervent vigor of Michelangelo’s. His use of color richness adds to the painting and highlights certain aspects that he feels to be important either by experience in travel or connections to people. His art is

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