Thursday, July 25, 2019

Community health nursing(strategies for community health promotion) Essay

Community health nursing(strategies for community health promotion) - Essay Example There are four phases identified in the program outline. Nutritional aspects are identified as the means to improve the health of the community as a whole. The roles of the community health personnel in the program are discussed. The stress is on the role of the community nurse, as the community nurse is required to play several roles, each of which is vital to the successful outcome of the program. In this manner the various aspects that go into the development of a program for improving the health of communities, as a part of efficient public health are discussed in the formulation of the program outline. The objective is to develop a program outline for promoting health in an economically disadvantaged community. In the process goals and objectives to encourage better health in the economically disadvantaged community would be identified. In addition two frameworks or models that influence community change towards the identified goals and objectives would be evaluated. Finally the role of the community health service worker in facilitating the program goals and objectives of health promotion in the economically disadvantaged community would be evaluated. 2. Relevance: Promotion of health in disadvantaged communities is becoming more relevant, as disadvantaged communities around the world are on the increase, and found to have very poor health parameters in comparison to their more prosperous counterparts (Heath & Haines, 2000). Therefore, for two reasons it becomes important that efforts be directed at disadvantaged communities to increase health awareness, and better health parameters. The first reason is that societal equality norms demand that these communities not be left out in the advantages that developments of science and technology have given humankind in the understanding of the nature of diseases and

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