Friday, July 19, 2019

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Airlines all around the world have to look into different types of aircrafts that best fit their needs for their passengers and the distance between destinations. Boeing and Airbus, two of the world’s biggest commercial airplane manufactures in the world have been competing to get airlines attention on when they are looking to expand their airplane fleet. This competition has been characterized as a duopoly in the large airliner market since the early nineties has when a series of mergers in the aerospace manufacture industry merged or ceased operation. Today we have to look at both competitors to see who has best airplanes in the jet airliner market. Both Airbus and Boeing have a wide product spectrum ranging between wide and narrow body aircrafts covering many combinations of capacity and range. These two companies compete head to head with similar airplanes and styles. With the upcoming generation of young pilots coming into the aviation industry, the market needs high tech airplanes for airlines to buy to help this new generation move in to place. When airlines are looking at new planes to buy, they need to look at all the different types of planes that covers range and capacity. Airlines have to make a decision on what best fits their needs when deciding between a Boeing aircraft and an Airbus aircraft. Boeing is a company that dates back almost a century ago in Seattle Washington by William Boeing. Back in 1916 when Boeing was founded, they manufactured sea planes right out of the Seattle bay. Twenty years later, Boeing’s revolutionary plane was introduced. The Boeing 247 was created and is considered to be the first modern airliner to fly around the world. Boeing operated the planes for commercial purposes. Boeing started u... ...Geo) Again, the Boeing 747-8 wins for better price at $300 million when the Airbus A380 is priced at $318 million. For when it comes to the best at this category, Airbus offers the best wide range double decker aircraft in the market (Warwick, 2012) ( (WILLIAMSON, 2013) (Frankfurt, Haria 2013) (James, 2013). In the last 10 years (2003–2012), Airbus has received 7,714 orders while delivering 4,503, and Boeing has received 7,312 orders while delivering 4,091 (Aircraft Compare 2013). Even though competition is intense, each company regularly accuses the other of receiving unfair state aid from their respective governments. But what really matters is what fits the airline’s needs. For longer ranges, Airbus builds perfect aircrafts for that sector. It’s a tossup for the midrange sector, but then it comes to shorter ranges, Boeing seems to have best fit.

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