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Online viewing of grades Essay

Introduction virtu every last(predicate)y college schools here in the Philippines make an online stratum surveying/ interrogatory arranging, especially in metro manila. The trend of victimisation this ami up to(p) of agreement is growing fast, and reaching plane schools in provinces. What is an online cross out inviteing administration you conduct? This type of re chief(prenominal)s is a computing gizmoized arranging that you could solitary(prenominal) devil by means of www ( ground Wide Web) via meshing. WWW is the fleet growing pct of mesh. Note that, remote to what much pile believe, the electronic network and the profit be not the analogous. The existence of the sack is made possible by estimators and programs that surpass learningrmation to wiz an another(prenominal). cyberspace is the domains largest internet work. It includes computers hooked in concert in networks. HGBCOnline stain Viewing ashes The whole idea around this disgorge is to enable the assimilators of HGBaquiran College in visioning their lay outs each barrier and each end of the semester. groundwork on my own experience many of the savants ar having trouble of viewing their levels beca char corresponder whatever ages the professors are not submitting their set disk on time.And sometimes it even get hold ofs to the patch that the first month of the succeeding(prenominal) semester is already gaine but we still wearyt get to see our phase cards. This placement testament be a big help for the educatees of HGBC on property track of their current socio-economic var.s per place term and as well on viewing their clan any end of the semester. Before the educatee discombobulate the ability to access the ashes/website they need to progress to an visor first, creating an score for this website is much easier than creating an account on Face have got because in that respect is solitary(prenominal) little info ask for the acc ount, six to be exact. Now, after creating the account the student depart have to login using the drug user name and countersign theyve submited when they create their account and without any endures depending on the computer theyll be using and the speed of the internet connection, they plunder promptly view their wanders freely where ever and whenever they wishing.Now, for the professors, creating an account wont be necessary because there go out be a strengthened in account for all them that result be created by the fipple pipe but they go out still be asked to stimulant drug their password. It is approximately likely that the only thing theyll be doing is login to the transcription/website and Input the Infos of their students. In terms of the built in account every champion professor will be ask for whatever username or password they want to have. And the single to be handling that is the frame averer or the recording machine, the account of every single pr ofessor will be up appointeed every time before the semester begins tale of the ProblemThe school of HGB currently dont have any cross out viewing placement but the big(a) of class cards per subject every end of the semester and buying the (COG) Certificate of shapes. The instructors sometimes dont submit the students arcdegrees on time. Time consuming on manual transcription or practice.Much expensive regarding on evacuant of COG.Rush hour entry of grades.A slow abut of retrieving and releasing of indicates. wide results of grades.Expense in using document and pens in recording.Sometimes the teachers are not aware of consequences if they are not submitting their records regarding the students. Expenses and transportation system in returning to the school fipple pipe. The students overtake the axenot enroll immediately because of having incomplete grades. The students encounter problems in their evaluation.Statement of Assumption leveling form is designed to provid e incentive proceeds for achievement and assist in identifying problems of the student. Grading agreement is the near commonly employ in computing and analyzing the sufficeance, talent and skills of students? It is the all-important(prenominal) record to asseverate even for the abundant time for the referral and credentials of the student to go into their next level of attaining their goals. It is the tract record that recognizes of one student, this maybe use for analyzing of your perspective and values. 1. Is there any signifi providece amongst the manual grade systems to the computerized grading system? 2. Is Manual grading system gives more accurate, efficiency and easy to use than the computerized grading system? 3. Is manual grading system manipulates the task easier and less consuming of time than the computerized grading system?Objectives of the ProjectThe students of HGBC are having trouble viewing their grades. The General Objectives of this abide is to enabl e the students to keep track of their grades and view them via website online. Specifically it aims toTo evaluate the present system.To cleanse the present system.To infract a system that will enable the instructors to encode grade online. To give voice a system that will help the students of HGBC in terms of safekeeping track of their grades. To organize a system that will enable the students of HGBC to view their grades via website online. To develop a system that will close out the students from rushing their professors on computing their grades. To maintain an accurate grades give by the professors.To make it accessible for the students to review their grades. To make it hassle-free for the students to get their grades. To be punctual for the professors in encode of grades.Signifi plunderce of the ResearchFirst is the Students of HGBC the Students are the main concern of this system theyll be the one who will get the intimately benefits from the system. Firstly because w hen this system is implemented the delay of their grade inquiry will be reduce from 1 month to 1 week. Secondly, whenever they want to see their grades they dont need to go to the school anymore, they scarce need to go to a computer shop, visit the HGBC website and in just a minute or so they great deal already view their grades. Second is the record-keeper, now for the vertical flute their main function for the system will be to CRUD or the so called Create, Retrieve, update and Delete.Technically speaking without the registrar this system will be secret code but a website without function because the registrar will be the one to input the students Grades in the system that the students are going to view. The Instructors or the professors, the instructors, they will be the one to input the infos of their students and will compute their grades submit it to the registrar and those grades will be the one that the registrar will input on the system. The school (HGBC), it can be an plus of the institute and a pride also thatcan be employ life story guidance and endorsements.Scope and LimitationThis count on focuses on the grade viewing process of HGBC. The grades displayed in the system cannot be printed. If the Registrar inputted wrong grades of the student, the online system is not tested in human errors. The grade encryption process and other processes involve in the system relied on the internet connection. This dodge has a range of giving grade information for the chosen beneficiaries. This organization is a Web- base System using PhpDesigner, an Online Grading System that will give you an easy access for grades-viewing.Review of related literature and Studies connect Literature and Studies guide the research worker in making comparison in the midst of his findings with the findings of other researchers on similar studies with the end in view of formulating generalizations or principles which are the contributions of the exact to the fund of know ledge. As internet my main source, Ive gained sufficient information of what my system would be. The following were the theories and studies behind the concept of the systemRelated TheoriesStudent TrainingGrade Book, Viewing Grades, Notes, Graphing ToolsIn this Turning grade book, it allows the instructor to enter and calculate grades for students on assignments submitted to the instructor. Their my grades tab appears on the class portfolio knave when the product is ready(prenominal). The grade book can be used to track numeral grades, attendance, and argumentations as well as allowing students to chart their performance. To view any grades and attendance records or instructor notes visible in a particularized class, theyll open class portfolio scalawag and click on the my grades tab. in the part of viewing grades, a student users grade page will show the papers and reviews the student has submitted on with any grades that havebeen given by the instructor on these submissio ns. The number in the points column shows the pith number of points an assignment is worth. The number situated to the left of the points column shows how many points the student received for their assignment. The grade value for the submission appears in the grade column.Grades only bring about available on the post date of an assignment. The top of the grades page shows the overall class grade and the attendance. The instructor can enter a note alongside a grade for a submission. If the instructor has entered a note for the submission a note icon will appear next to the grade under the note column. ruffle on the note icon to view the instructor note. The full list of notes given to the student in a class can be viewed by clicking on the notes icon next to the grade thick at the top of the grade book window. The graphing tools allow a student to view their own performance and the class middling performance in line graph or pie chart formats.The graphing toolsare accessed by c licking on the graphs button in grade book. On the graphs page, the student will use the show pull down add-in to select the graph type to view. Online grading allows faculty and departments to submit grades from anywhere with an profits connection. Grade rosters display up-to-date readjustment information, e.g., late adds and W grades.Related StudiesIn this research entitled Online Grade encoding and inquiring System via SMS technology by Bella BheThe San Mateo Municipal College has increased in students population at the same time the number of works of the registrar and students grades to be bear upon has also increased. San Mateo Municipal College wants to give a good education to everyone who does not afford to enroll in other universities that have high tuition fees. They always undertake the best way to make their students gentle with their school. One of the responsibilities of the registrar office is to keep the students grades data secured for their records and purp ose.The researcher stated that the general problem approach by the SMMC is the manual encoding, submission and statistical distribution of students grades of San Mateo Municipal College. The specific problems are the time consuming, costly and long process of inquiry of grades, the students need to go directly to their respective registrar inorder to wonder their grade, the Instructors are encountering errors during encoding of grades and the Instructors need to go to the registrar just to encode the grades. by and by knowing these problems, the researchers aim to develop an Online Grade Encoding and Inquiry System via SMS engineering for San Mateo Municipal College and specifically To develop a system that will lessen the registrars tasks in encoding of grades, to develop a system that can able to send grades automatically, to develop a system that will shorten the process of inquiry of grades, to develop a system that can able the instructor to encode grades online and to devel op a system that can look into grades via SMS. In this study, the researcher used descriptive method of research he used questionnaires and also conducted interviews to gather data.JustificationThis online grade viewing system of HGBCollege can give the satisfaction needed by the registrar, professors and most specially the students.InteroperabilityThe system could have some problem on other web browser like internet explorer and Opera mini but I can perform best in web browsers like Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox. accomplishmentThe surgical process of the system can perform better depending on the computer and the internet connection of the users.SecurityThe people that have an account and stored in the database are the only person that can access the system.MaintainabilityThe System administrator will be the one maintaining the system.RobustnessThis system is authenticated with password that makes it more secure and robust.Reliability and availablenessThe system is reliable based on the speed of the internet connection and it is available anywhere because it is an online system.SafetyIn typesetters case of problems due to inconsistencies, this system is safe because it can still be traced up.UsabilityThis system is only usable by the registrar, professors and students.User-FriendlyThis online grade viewing is a user hospitable system because all the users can substantially understand, manipulate and use it.Business rightfulnessThis system is made to develop a higher satisfaction of the students and also the people in the community of Tumauini, together with the dwell communities.Definition of termsAsset- a expedient or valuable thing,or quality.Accessible- able to be reached or entered.Account- is a accretion of information that tells Windows which files and folders you can access, what changes you can make to the computer, and your ain preferences. Accurate grades- correct in all details exact computation of grades based on criteria. Career Gu idance- advice and information about careers that helps individuals, esp young people, decide on a career and also teaches them how to take their chosen career Database- Is an make collection of data. The data are typically organized to model aspects of reality in a way that supports processes requiring information. Hussle-free- without problems or bother .Inquiry- An act of asking for information.Keeping Tracks- keep inform of fully aware.Registrar- an official in a college or university who is responsible for keeping student records.Robust- able to withstand or cut across adverse conditions.Speed of Internet- The performance of an Internet connection, which is based on the number of bytes per guerilla that data travels from the users device to the Internet (upload) and from the Internet (download). System administrator- is a person who is responsible for the upkeep, configuration, and reliable operation of computer systems especially multi-user computers, such as servers. Tra ced Up- Evidence or an indication of the cause presence or existence of something. Trends- a general direction in which something is exploitation or changing. Username- an identification used by a person with access to a computer, network, or online service. Web Browser- is a parcel application for retrieving, presenting and traversing information resources on the WorldWide Web. WWW- is a system of interlinked hypertext documents that are accessed via the Internet. With a web browser, one can view web pages that may dribble text, images, videos, and other multimedia and navigate between them via hyperlinks.Bibliographyhttp// www.wikipidia.comWebb, Patricia, Technologies of Difference Reading the virtual(prenominal) Age (In)Difference, Computers and Composition 20 (2003), 151-67Basalla, George. The developing of Technology. New York, 1988.

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