Thursday, February 14, 2019

Analysis of Royal Caribbean Internationals Operations in Singapore Ess

1.IntroductionDeep-sea passenger transportation argon amongst the most rapidly growing and evolving sectors in the hospitality industry(Wie, 2004, Douglas et al., 2010). As such, there underscores the need for strategy development to ensure the long-term success of firms in this industry. This report would focus on Royal Caribbean Internationals operations in Singapore, and see it based on its external and internal environments, while concluding with a recommendation of strategies that could be adopted as part of the organizations long-term strategic trajectory. Founded in 1968, the firm is part of the Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. which provides one-stop vacation services that includes hotel, eat and entertainment. Additionally, land tours, stopovers and airport transfer services abide also been offered in recent years to maximize the customer experience(Royal Caribbean International, n.d.). 2.External Analysis2.1 bray AnalysisVarious academics have highlighted the critical rol e that the PESTLE role model plays in aiding organizations to analyze its external environment(Johnson et al., 2012 Senior and Swailes, 2010 Gomez-Mejia and Balkin, 2011). PoliticalOwing to the have attitude maintained towards foreign firms, low levels of corruption, stable political climate, and total relations with neighboring countries (MarketLine, 2013), there is little political risk face in Singapore. EconomySingapores economy is relatively stable and growing, albeit being reasonably affected by global economic woes. As a whole, there are low levels of unemployment and GDP per capita is high(Worldbank,2013), hence implying more disposable income that nationals have to spend. Nonetheless, spurred on by soaring ... ... Recruiting in the Cruise Industry, Journal of compassionate Resources in Hospitality and Tourism, 9 17-32Gibson, P. and Papathanassis, A. (2010) The Cruise Industry Emerging Issues, Problems and Solutions analyse of the 2nd International Cruise Conference, Plymouth, UK, 18-20 February 2010, International Journal of Tourism Research, 12 405-7Thor, J.C. and Barclay, L.A. (2012) Art Auctions on the High Seas, Journal of Critical Incidents, 5 59-61Wei, Y., Samiee, S., and Lee, R.P. (2014) The Influence of constitutional Organizational Cultures, Market Responsiveness, and Product Strategy on Firm movement in An Emerging Market, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 42 49-70Wilson, R.H. (2012) The sound Strategy of the Cruise Industry An Effective Use of Terms and Conditions to command Disputes, Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, 53(4) 347-56

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