Thursday, February 28, 2019

Differences in Nutritional Strategies among Cultures

Different countries have different nutritional strategies including the procuring, selecting, preparing, preserving, cooking and consuming intellectual nourishments. The lifestyle varies from culture to culture. China has the most famous food preparation and lifestyle. They have many different cuisines. Chinese ar food oriented and health conscious. They choose and use many ingredients guardedly for their food. They also believe that food is a great factor in ones health that is why they serve and cook food according to ones health condition, thither should be a balance between fan (grains and starch foods) and tsai (meat and vegetables).In traditional Chinese dinner, a complete meal triangle with soup, vegetables, rice and meat were dish up up. They want their food served or eaten while it is still hot. Mexican dishes has been the consequence most varied and vast in the world because of the intense flavors, bright decorations, and spices of the cuisine. They have many festiva ls and celebrations that is why their food preparation bets like there is always a party. American standards of food are easy to make, convenient, and presentable. That is why many rely on fast food restaurants wherein the foods are readily served.They dont like putting much effort in preparing food. They also choose foods that look unspoiled and make them look good as well that is why many eat in dearly-won restaurants because it will make them look good. Beer has also been one of the favorite drinks in America. Our choice of food tells about our basic ethics and beliefs. The Chinese order their health and tradition in preparing foods, which could be the reason why they seem to have a longer life and healthy lifestyle than the Americans, who were by and large obese. Proper diet and nutrition is the key for a healthy lifestyle.

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