Monday, February 18, 2019

UN Declaration of Human Rights Essay -- Human Rights Essays

I am not waiver to argue that we be born with human rights given to us by a higher major power. I do not rely this is professedly as so many people around the humanness argon stripped of their rights almost daily. I do believe that we need to bewilder to and respect human rights without discrimination in order to advance as a species which brings me to the firmness of human rights drawn up by the join Nations.As said by gentlemans gentleman Rights activist Shulamith KoenigHuman Rights are the banks of the river within which life can flow in freedom and dignity.Does the U.N. declaration of human rights assert value in todays society?I believe the UN plays an extremely important role in todays society and in that respectfore does hold value. As the nations of the world increase their interdependence of one another there will be an increasing need for a multinational form to act as peacekeepers, protectors & negotiators WITHOUT becoming world police. The key to the UNs pow er is that it is made up of 99% of the worlds governments. The actions and motivations of the UN are firmly based on their Declaration of human rights which is the first document to receive multinational can for laying down the rights believed to be owed to each and every human being.Human Rights is an issue that has gained much public notice over the last 60 years, mainly starting with the end of world war 2. This is because many of the world problems can be largely traced back to human rights abuse...

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