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Emily Dickinsons Feelings About Death Revealed in Her Poem, Because I

Emily Dickinsons Feelings About Death Revealed in Her Poem, Because I could non stop for Death Emily Dickinson grew up in New England in the slow 1800s. The nineteenth century was a difficult time period for the hoi polloi of America. There was an abundance of war, epidemic, and death. Because her house was located beside a graveyard, Dickinson saw galore(postnominal) of the elaborate funeral processions as they passed (Murray). Because of these experiences, death became very real to her, and it made a large impression on her life. Conrad Aikin, one of the many critics of Dickinsons work, believes that Death and the trouble of life after death obsessed her (15). She had a very anomalous idea about eternity that was unlike any of the traditional Christian ideas of that time period. Dickinsons strong feelings about death are expressed by dint of hundreds of poems where she maximizes and characterizes many qualities of death. However, Because I could not stop for Death is one tha t receives a great mussiness of critical attention and causes a great deal of interest. In this poem, Dickinson uses individualification and metaphors to develop the idea of death, which is a suitor arriving, and to observe how doubtful the speaker is about the indefinite event of eternity. Through this poem, Dickinson allows the lector to see her feelings about death. She feels that no one can know for veritable what will take place after death, and she believes the idea of eternity is unknown.In Because I could not stop for Death, the poet personifies death, making him a real person with human characteristics. For this reason, many consider this poem one of her greatest works. Chris Semansky has written a great deal about modern and postmodern literature. In the article An ... al. The Emily Dickinson Handbook. Amherst U of Massachusetts P, 1998.Meyer, Michael, ed. The Bedford Introduction to Literature Reading, Thinking, Writing. Boston Bedford/St. Martins, 1999.Murray, Barbara. individualised Interview. 21 Mar. 2001.Semansky, Chris. An Overview of Because I could not stop for Death. Poetry for Students, GaleNet, 1997. March 2001. <http//, Richard B. ed. Emily Dickinson A Collection of Critical Essays. New Jersey Prentice-Hall, 1963.Tate, Allen. Emily Dickinson. Sewall 22. -. Essay. Poetry Criticism. 16 Vols. Ed. Robert V. Young. Detroit Gale Research, 1991. 2 84-85.Wiebuch, Robert. Prisming Dickinson or Gathering Paradise by Letting Go. Grabher et al. 214.

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