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Larry Page

- decryption Larry summon Leadership behavior of animateness This paper analyses the different behaviors that define Googles co-founder and chief executive officer lead and charge traits and style. - Decoding Larry rascal Leadership style This paper analyses the different behaviors that define Googles co-founder and chief executive officer leading and management traits and style. Aymee Flores 339707 knock against 8th, 2011 Aymee Flores 339707 March 8th, 2011Contents Biography2 Decoding Larry page Leadership Style4 How Larry paginates Leadership Styles relate to my mine9 Conclusion10 Works Cited11 Biography Lawrence Larry page was born show 26, 1993 in East Lancing, Michigan. He was born into a family of computing machine experts. His tiro was a pioneer in artificial intelligence and computer apprehension and is m separate a computer programing teacher. He grew up in a house whither technology was the norm, computers parts and Popular Mechanics magazines where everywh ere.His older br early(a) taught him from early on how to disarm artifacts in sight to arrive out how they worked, this fueled his knowledge and motivation greatly to begin inventing, he once built a on the job(p) inkjet printer out of LEGOS, at age twelve Page already k newfangled he was going to bring in a familiarity eventually. Page was first attended the University of Michigan for a bachelors degree in Engineering and then opinionated to pursue a masters degree in computer science at the Stanford University, here is where he met Sergey Brin and started the project that would change his life forever.The idea began while searching a dissertation theme to the highest degree exploring the mathematical properties of the World Wide wind vane. According to John Battelle, founder of pumped up(p) magazine page assumed that web links where just citations so his project named Backrub was closely classifying and counting all the backlinks of the World Wide Web and according to P age it would make it a to a greater extent(prenominal) valuable place. At the beginning of Backrub the World Wide Web could be sought as a giant book without an index, so the goal of the project was to stack up data and index it using what is called a web crawler, a bot programmed to get along this specific line.Then Page and Brin created their first product called Pagerank which was an algorithm that assigned numeral weighting to the hyperlinks already indexed by the web crawler and measure its importance, from here he created a search engine that was furthest more efficacious than the ones that already existed. This new Google search engine made its first entryway at the Stanford University webpage in 1996. Together with is partner Brin in 1998 he founded Google Inc. at the time he hired Eric Schmidt as a CEO.The beau mondes mission was To form the Worlds Information and to make it universally useful and brotherly. In 2006 the friendship was already made frequent and had its master(prenominal) quarter in Mountain view, California. Google Inc. grew very quickly and began to add more products and services such as email, advertising services, location services, productivity parcel and photo editing softw atomic number 18 and much more other uncovering and innovational services and products just as the Android mobile operating(a) system and Google Chrome Browser. Today Google. om is listed as the internet most visited website in the U. S according to Alexa Traffic Rank. And many of its famous brands are in the top hundred most visited sites such as YouTube and Blogger. According to an name by the social media online magazine Mashable, Google reported earnings of 50 zillion dollars in January 2013 and is still expanding. Decoding Larry Page Leadership Style Because of his finding of hiring Eric Schmidt as CEO back in 2001 Larry Page was often cataloged as an introvert attracter and when he took back the title of CEO in 2011 he didnt hold any big meetings, interviews.What matters the most to Page is innovating this can be appreciated by the fact that he spends $1 billion on patents to help the gild grow, this was sought to emulate Steve logical arguments lead precisely the truth is that this is most alikely determine by his engineering background. According to an article by CNN Money he still remains an enigma and his leadership style can be appreciated during commencement speeches and talks to coworkers and Google executives.During these talks he focuses about the future, as stated before Page is all about innovations and he hard deals that by tackling audacious ideas that can eventually change the world would collect incredibly smart pack that can achieve something worthwhile as he expressed at the Google Faculty Summit in 2009. Pages supportive leadership style can be advancen by his proficiency at building networks and expertise building and direct teams. He insisted on being very closely get hold ofd i n the hiring process at Google always looking for university graduates to join the company.It is widely cognise that he dislikes the traditional bureaucracy and management styles and is always cutting or reassigning middle management positions. This can be seen by the companys reorganization tendencies. While studying the companys website it can be seen that all the description and pertinent information is compressed to no more than one paragraph, this is because Page advertizes faster and concise decision qualification. According to fence in thoroughfare daybook he would ask managers to e-mail him updates of their projects in 60 words or less.Also he encouraged them to have a sitting in the afternoon where top executives had to work on a public area of the building in order to make them more accessible to employees and facilitate communication among each other. This shows very strong supportive and participative leadership styles. Because the company is not organized with th e typical management styles and is more focused on projects a team environment is the rule here which encourages involvement of followers in every aspect of decision making processes.Although he involves the team when it comes to decision making within a project he displays directive leadership traits when it comes to organizing the company. According to Google board member Mr. Ram Shriram he has a very clear idea of how the company should be organize therefore he personally picked the people that could run large areas of the company and set their objectives. Page would set very clear-short term and long-term goals for his managers. later further research it is very clear that Larry Pages strongest leadership styles are participative and supportive.According to an interview by The Fortune magazine the wellbeing and modus vivendi of the companys employees is top priority to him as he says My farm out as a leader is to make sure everybody in the company has great opportunities, an d that they find out theyre having a meaningful impact and are add to the good of society. Google is known for its innovative work space that are far from looking like a typical office, he feels that the company is like a family and therefore he treats them like one.This has boosted employee satisfaction, productivity and even ameliorate their health to the point that their healthcare costs grow less compared to other companies. As stated before Page is regarded as an introvert, which might neutralise the traditional believe that a leader should be outgoing and magnetised in order to be successful but the fact that he is an introvert supplies him with other set of traits and skills that make him successful and ultimately beg off his supportive and participative tendencies.Traits that characterize introverts are that they are very good at listening therefore they are not going to dominate a social stake which will allow them to hear about other peoples innovative ideas. This w ill also explain Pages tendency to want to attract people qualified as intelligent. A person that has an engineering and technologic mindset would rather hear from a smart person than a charismatic one. In addition Page has a strong directive salute when it comes to setting the companys main goals but he is willing to let his followers take on their path to reach those goals.Nevertheless Larry Page has been a CEO for a comparatively short amount of time so there is still a lot to see from this leader. During his short time as a CEO he has definitely demonstrated strong organizational skills and has brought back tackiness and focus as well as decisiveness to a company that was becoming scattered within is many diverse projects. Larry Pages Leadership Style Applied to Hospitality Industry Googles innovative approach can bring great success for someone working in the cordial reception industry.The cordial reception environment is all about communication and team work, this is a peo ples business therefore it is coercive to have a supportive approach when leading followers. There are many levels or work in this industry that range from handy labor to management and business work. Pages supportive approach can be very beneficial for hotel managers because they are leading people that come from all sorts of backgrounds, by providing an environment where the employees feel comforted and support by their company it will increase employees satisfaction and productivity at their workplace.For example a manager can display this assortment of behavior if a front desk employee becomes frustrated with a hard situation involving a difficult guest or is having some kind of misadventure in their personal life a manager can encourage communication with the employee and provide an understanding attitude as well as build a better relationship with the employee that will allow that employee to feel comfortable within his workplace augmenting their feelings of empowerment an d therefore excelling at their duties.The hospitality industry environment requires scathing thinking skills, our industries workspaces are the equivalent but a day and a situation is never the same, a hospitality employee have knew experiences and new interactions everyday with nodes. Participative behavior from managers is extremely important a manager cannot be in every place at the same time. Every employee has different experience at the workplace due to the reputation of the Hospitality industry, for example a front desk agent that does the A.M. shift has a completely different experience and needs than the one doing the P. M. shift. Therefore is prerequisite that the manager gathers input from his employees in order to improve the processes and procedures necessary to ferment a particular problem or to improve the workplace experience. Delegatory leadership is also needed in the hospitality industry because it often involves critical decisions to be made from the follow ers that directly affect the customers.For example when at the front desk an employer needs to be empowered to make decisions and resolve received suit of problems that might rise like room changes or special amenities to compensate for ant dissatisfactory experience a customer might have. How Larry Pages Leadership Styles relate to my mine afterward analyzing Pages leadership traits I found myself very connect to his style. As a leader I see myself revolutionizing the workplace, giving a lot of importance to the way an employee is treated and feels after analyzing Pages leadership traits I found myself very related to his style.As a leader I see myself revolutionizing the workplace, giving a lot of importance to the way an employee is treated and feels while doing his work. The challenges that might be found applying his style to the type of career I am doing would be overcoming an industry that is already ceremonious and has a bureaucratic management style, it would be a gro undbreaking task to apply a more relaxed and creative work environment and involve the employees in the decisions of the company.I strongly believe that innovation and technology can be brought to this industry and can be encompassed with customer experience and this can be achieved if the bureaucratic lines in the current management styles can be blear-eyed somewhat and projects that come from employees ideas instead of only owners of stake holders of a company would take place. Pages management does not think about money being spent, this is the same vision I have for the hospitality industry.In order to revolutionize the industry and the customers experience whether it is by creating new amenities at the already existing facilities or creating new futuristic lodging concepts can only be achieved if the mindset of making business for money can be put as a second priority. Conclusion My research about Larry Pages leadership style has been very moving and eye opening. I strongly be lieve that this should be the management style of the future because he was able to prove that the old bureaucratic style is not necessary in order to make company thrive.The world is constantly changing and therefore the mental synthesis of our companies need to change as well and become more apt and team based in order to reach our full say-so as well as innovating and creating new concepts that can be considerably achieved by participative leadership and groundbreaking projects. 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