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Philosophy of reading Essay

Just solely teaching a child to bring is not enough we must(prenominal) provide them something that is worth training. Material that impart make their imaginations grow materials that allow for help them to understand their own lives and push them towards interacting with others whos lives ar altogether unlike than there own (Paterson). As elementary educators it is our privilege and function to expose young people to knowledge. By making this introduction a fun one, it allows for the child to have a positive stance to the highest degree instruct and breeding that they will take with them through out their absolute educational c argonr.Many children have a excited and happy attitude about starting school. Every student as well feels like they are ready and prepared, no matter what their entry level literacy skills may be. It is greens knowledge that not every child will enter the school system with the same levels of literacy. That is why it is up to us, as educators, to teach them how to read by using appropriately developed strategies and individualized instructions.When I was a slim girl growing up I was one of a family of sixteen children, so beginning from a very young senesce once the school days were done we were left with ourolder siblings date mom and dad worked hard to earn us a living. My yield would frequently read to me out of story books or patently stories she make up on her own.Since there were so many of us, by the clock i was born we had a pretty good assortment of books to eng date from. My first memory I have of adaptation in the schoolroom put inting was in the fourth grade. My instructor was Ms. Bartrum, she was such a kind woman who was the first to instill in me the joys of practice through quicken reading programs and book fairs.I was a goal of mine to be the first one to finish onebook and move on to another one on the list, this is a case where a little competition was a healthy thing. Mrs. Bartrum was re ally good at select out books that would challenge us but also capture our interests which do reading them a lot less challenging. Cunningham and Allington research has shown that those children who learned to read and write with ease had a lot of different experiences in reading and writing, which allowed them to benefit from the literacy experiences they had in school (Cunningham & Allington).Teaching students to read is not simply picking the rightreading program, and one specific program will not work with for every single student. As a teacher I feel that it is my job to be the spark for the love to read, by using an effective and balanced instruction approach. It is of the upmost importance that the programme is designed so that it engages the students in the content, while allowing the students to substance abuse their own learning styles and accompanying to their developmental needs. The teaching method called Best Practice uses the thinker that by using teaching metho ds and strategies inwardly the classroom will draw an individualized environment for learning.I continuously make an effort to use the best practices method in my everyday classroom instruction. Students learn ground upon their own individual needs or interests. It is important to help students to dupe their own craving for knowledge, it is critical to their academic success. By creating a learning environment that allows the students to feel safe, will in turn make it easier for them to intrust you which will make the learning experience much easier. An environment that is encouraging, positive, actively engaging, and allows for social interactions will harbor the best practice learning method.The modality that a classroom is arranged can have an effect on the students and how they learn as well. My personal classroom is arranged so that they students desks are arranged in a U-shape with my desk in the middle, this allows me to have a persuasion of each student and to be ab le to get to them easier. My classroom is also full to the gill with reading materials, every which way the students turn they are greeted by books. Our reading corner is centre around our interactive denomination board, it holds our library with is full of many different forms of reading materials from chart books to decrypt books.Also posted throughout the classroom is the alphabet, picture card game, and letter cards with a corresponding word creation used in a sentence. Morning messages and charts are placed inside easy access for the students so that they can review and practice whenever they want. Also made available within the classroom is environmental prints, these help the students with their writing, studies have shown that they are an effective way of aiding in emergent literacy (Jalongo, 2010). Each day there is an min set aside to work on reading in small groups. take down though throughout the day several books areread, this one hour period during the day is when individual reading levels are really focused on within each group. Groups are used during these lessons because studies have shown that students within the early grade levels learn more when a portion of their reading lessons are given in small groups, with regularly tested progress, and voluminous amount of time to understand the lesson is given (Taylor, 2005). development is fundamental, this say is used to demonstrate the how important reading is to our youth. Having the skills to read and write is not only fundamental in an individuals success in the academic sense but also in life itself. rendition and writing skills are a continued development throughout a persons entire lifetime, however they early years, from birth to the age of eight, are the most crucial time frame for developing literacy skills (IRA and NAEYC, 2009). Reading has an undeniable importance because of the basic tools it provides an individual. It is the building block for the nations educational system. O ne must have adequate reading skills to be able to master any other subjects such as mathematics or science, this is why it is the most crucial of all subjects to master. Despite it being such a simple concept, if it werent for reading our culturewouldnt be as advanced as it is today.By simply saying that reading is fundamental lacks emphasis, because without the ability to read our lives would be extremely different in many ways. References Reading Rockets. Interview with Katherine Paterson. On-line. Accessed on December 5, 2014 at http// www. readingrockets. org/books/interviews/paterson Hall, D. P. & Williams, E. (2000). Teachers Guide to Building Blocks A Developmentally Appropriate, Multilevel Framework for Kindergarten. Greensboro, NC Carlos-Dellosa issue Company Inc. International Reading Association (IRA) & National Association for the fostering of teenage Children (NAEYC). (2009).Learning to Read and Write Developmentally Appropriate Practices for Young Children. NAEYC Wa shington, DC. Jalongo, M. R. (2007). Early Childhood Language Arts. (4th Ed). Boston, MA Allyn & Bacon. Taylor, B. , Pearson, P. , Clark, K. , & Walpole, S. (2005). Beating the Odds in Teaching All Children to Read. CIERA Report 2-006. University of Michigan Ann Arbor.

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